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      Shenzhen Xin Bao Cheng City Hardware Co., LTD., founded in 1990, is a professional in fasteners wholesale company. Company has been adhering to the "quality assurance, the user is supreme" the management idea, all to the customer's needs, want, to be as a starting point, for each customer to provide high quality and cheap products and high efficiency and high quality service, won the recognition and trust of new and old customers, the hardware industry in Shenzhen set up a good brand image.


      Shenzhen Xin Bao Cheng City Hardware Co., LTD., with many famous screw manufacturing companies to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, distribution of product variety is complete, quality assurance, price concessions, including a series of high strength bolt, nut, GB30 gb hexagon, small head hex series, nuts, washers, spring washers, stainless steel screw series (201, 304, 316), stainless steel nut series (210, 304, 316), stainless steel washers, spring washers series (201, 304, 316), metric, inch socket head series, expansion bolt series, the whole tooth screw series, copper screw series, building hardware accessories series, curtain wall accessories series, lock series, high-strength drywall screw, tapping) series, since the drill series, a series of small screws, nails, glue, hardware tools, wrench, drilling, tapping, grinding, cutting, such as subway, tunnel, building, ships, chemical, electrical, railways, highways, bridges, electricity, electronics and other industries.


      Shenzhen Xin Bao Cheng City Hardware Co., LTD., actively perform social responsibility and social responsibility, by the good faith as the way of business, stick to the good faith management, the concept of good faith service, the good product quality strictly, to ensure that customers full satisfaction. Shenzhen Xin Bao Cheng City Hardware Co., LTD., innovation as the source of development, continuously forge ahead, divergent thinking, innovation, and keep up with the pace of The Times, reform and the development of the company's existing mode, using the Internet to integrate the company's existing resources, to improve the comprehensive competitiveness significantly.




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企业证书 Enterprise certificate


     优秀的团队有良好的文化,是其业绩的基石,“我们的员工是一个团队”,“我们提出的是团队精神”,“我们要以团队精神为客户提供服务”,“我们要以团队精神发展我们共同的事业”。Excellent team have good culture, is the cornerstone of its performance, "our staff is a team", "we have put forward is the team spirit", "we need team spirit to provide customers with service", "we need team spirit to develop our common cause".
购买须知 Purchase information
    • 1、货源说明 the supply of goods

      厂家一手货源,产品品质优 Primary source, the products quality

    • 2、关于颜色 About the color

      本店商品均为实物拍摄,颜色经专业校对,与实物平铺图最为接近,因电脑显示器的色彩对比度和色温等都有差异等等。 Our goods are real photography, color by professional proofreading, the closest with physical tile map, because the computer display color contrast and color temperature is different and so on.

    • 3、关于客服 About customer service

      如您的咨询没能及时回复,可能是当时咨询量过大或是系统故障。If your failed to reply your inquiry, may be the large amount of consulting or system failure.

    • 4、关于售后  About after-sales

      我们将提供完整的售后服务,包含15天退货,质量保证。We will provide a complete after-sales service, including 15 days return, quality assurance.

    • 5、关于发货 About the delivery

      1、凡是当天下午15:00前拍下付款的订单于当日发货,周六日正常发货(如有特殊情况,客服将第一时间如实告知客户) All taken before 15:00 PM on the day of payment orders in on the day of the delivery, on Saturday, the normal shipping (if there are special circumstances, customer service to faithfully inform the customer the first time)

    • 2、本店合作快递有申通、圆头、顺丰、中通、韵达,其他地区为中通快递 ,如需其他快递,请与在线客服联系沟通(快递最终选定权由买家决定)。  Our cooperation delivery shentong, round head, motion, zhongtong, YunDa, other areas for zhongtong express delivery, if you need other shipping, please contact the online customer service communication (right to express finally selected is determined by the buyer).

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